In this post, I will share tips and ideas on decorating your kitchen counters with ease. Kitchen counters can be more than just a practical place in the kitchen. It can also be an opportunity to elevate the room without causing clutter while showcasing your style and personality.

decorating your kitchen counters

I find a lot of times in a forever busy and functioning household, we tend to neglect the kitchen counters decor-wise and use them as a dumping station for junk mail, book bags, miscellaneous items, etc. However, counters are an area of opportunity like anywhere else in the home to help decorate and elevate your space! In this post, we will explore 14 simple tips for making the most of them by decorating your kitchen counters.

These tips will not only add visual interest but can also be functional as well. In a kitchen, function is key as it is the heart of the home and the area that calls for the most organization with all of the gadgets, cookware, spices, etc.

I always LOVE it when style meets functionality. We want our homes to look and feel good, but it’s always good to infuse practicality when we can since we do live here after all! So let’s get into it!

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decorating your kitchen counters

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14 Tips for Decorating Kitchen Counters Beautifully

1. Create Staged Vignettes

Vignettes are the decorative clusters that you see like the one pictured above. They are a great way to create a visual focal point in a room that is decorative and complements the space.

My favorite thing about them is how creative you can be with them. There is little to no limit to what you can do with these and you can truly make them your own!

  • Get a tray
  • Add your favorite candle
  • Add a vase of flowers
  • Add an object that pertains to the space – For example, if you’re making one for your bathroom counter, add hand towels to it. For the living room, add your favorite books or coasters.

2. Purchase A Personalized Stove Cover

I love the personal touch stove top covers that can add to a kitchen while concealing burners. This is a good option also for helping to make your kitchen appear newer by hiding older stovetops. Etsy has beautiful ones to choose from with different finishes, designs, and styles!

3. Add Greenery

decorating your kitchen counters

The presence of greenery is an automatic refresher for any space! There is just something about bringing the outdoors in that gives any room an uplifting feeling and new life.

In addition, plants can add beautiful pops of color that will compliment your space well. And for more practical reasons, there are plant types that can filter the air which is always good in a room that has many fragrances from cooking meals.

4. Display Wooden Cutting Boards

Cutting boards can add a beautiful rustic touch to a kitchen that can act as an additional layer of interest visually. Also, having them on the counter adds to the practicality of having them handy and accessible when you want to use them.

Layering different sizes and shapes of cutting boards together adds dimension and can help group areas of visual interest by being a backdrop like the one pictured above.

5. Clear All Unnecessary Clutter

decorating your kitchen counters

First things first, you are going to need to clear off all counter clutter. Counters are infamous for being a place for miscellaneous items and junk mail. Put appliances up that could be stored in the pantry or other cabinets, and organize loose spices in a spice rack.

This will open up the area to have more space to work with as well as having a pleasing aesthetic visually. Clutter draws the eye all over the place and creates a much less cohesive look and flow.

6. Create A Coffee Station

A coffee station is a great example of when decor meets functionality. This is another versatile area and you can make it your own! You can create a cute countertop display like the one pictured above transferring coffee grounds from commercial containers to cute ones like these!

7. Install Under Cabinet Lighting

With all the new kinds of under-cabinet lighting, installing them is now easier than ever! Good cabinet lighting can accentuate the decor that you have in place and add a beautiful glow to your countertops. This adds visual interest and helps bring fresh light by further illuminating your space.

8. Invest In Decorative Utensil Holders

Decorative utensil holders are a great way to add style while keeping your favorite kitchenware close by and handy when needed.

9. Display Flowers

Whether faux or the real deal, flowers in a kitchen not only add pops of color but also bring an organic touch to your space.?There is something about mixing the outdoors with the indoors that adds a cozy visual interest to any room.?

  • Counter Corners
  • In Vignette displays
  • On The Bar
  • Hanging Above the Kitchen Window

10. Showcase Treats

Warning: This one may add a few pounds to the waistline…but I mean who is counting? Displaying treats on countertops like those pictured above, not only adds visual interest but helps infuse seasonal touches as well!

It’s also perfect for always having something on hand for guests when they arrive. It brings in that comfort factor and makes your space feel more homey and inviting.

11. Add Pops of Color

Countertops are a great area to implement pops of color that liven up a room and help energize it! You can add pops of color by displaying fruits, flowers, and vibrant, colorful appliances like a mixer.

12. Fill Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are a wonderful way to add visual interest to countertops! They can help add pops of color as well as double as food storage. You can put anything in them from fruits, and sweet treats, to seasonal decor items like pincones.

13. Dress Up Soap Bottles By Sink

If you find commercial containers an eye soar but want to keep them close and handy, here is your solution! Simply transfer your dish soap or hand wash to a decorative dispenser and voila! Your counter is elevated yet still functional.

14. Create Functional Decor

As mentioned a few times, functional decor definitely has a place in the kitchen! And thank goodness for that! Here are some ideas to add functional decor to your kitchen that not only elevates your space but also helps the flow of things in the kitchen!

  • Kitchenware display in decorative utensil holders
  • ChalkBoard for Organizing daily menus
  • Herb garden
  • Shelves between counters and cabinets
  • Switching out commercial contains for decorative containers
  • Decorative spice rack
  • Display wooden cutting boards

I hope this post on decorating your kitchen counters has inspired you to elevate them to their full potential! Remember it doesn’t have to be complicated! Implementing any of these ideas listed above will bring a cohesive look to your kitchen. Have fun experimenting with vignettes, get creative, and make it yours! As always, happy decorating!

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