15 Ways To Add Luxury To Your Home

add luxury to your home
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Luxury…is not a word that comes to mind when decorating on a tight budget. BUT no worries, I got you! In this post, I’m going to cover 15 inexpensive ways you can add luxury to your home effortlessly! Infusing a sense of luxury into any space is achievable.

To clarify regarding abundance, I’m not saying cluttering more pictures to a wall space or having a bunch of inexpensive items on a fireplace mantel will add luxury to your space. That’s where less is more comes in. Applying simplicity and refinement to your walls or mantel will create a more upscale look. Be sure to focus on quality pieces that will make a statement.

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1. Incorporate High-End Materials

clear glass decanter
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Implementing certain materials such as marble, velvet, wood, and gold will naturally exude luxury. These furnishes have stood the test of time with their place in the world of luxury. They are considered high-end materials so they do come at a cost.

However, you do not need to empty your bank account to install new marble countertops in your kitchen. Adding faux marble and gold décor pieces such as vases, candles, sticks, treys, etc. to your space will do the trick!

**Tip** Always balance solids with patterns. Patterns are a great accent accessory but if it’s overdone, the room will look chaotic or too “busy”. Balance your space by having a patterned curtain if you have a solid-colored couch. And if you have solid curtains, add patterns to your accent chairs, rugs, or pillows.

2. Add Upholstered Furniture Pieces

round tufted gray ottoman luxury decor
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Upholstered furniture with tufted accents is always a classic and elegant way to add a sense of luxury to a room. There is something regal about those little padded buttons that is timeless!

A full tufted couch may be out of the budget but adding accent pieces with that feature will do just the same. It can be your bar stools, an ottoman, an accent chair, or even a bed’s headboard!

upholstered furniture creates the feeling of luxury because it adds comfort to a room. Comfort and luxury go hand in hand.

3. Update Light Fixtures AND Bulbs

how to add luxury to your home
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Swapping out old or basic light fixtures is a surprising detail that can elevate your room to look more expensive. Also, be mindful of the type of bulbs you put in as well. Warm bulbs can make a space feel more closed in and aged.

Opt for white bulbs as they produce more vibrant lighting that will make your room appear larger and more well-lit.

4. Hang Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling Medallions are a very overlooked and effective way to infuse a luxurious statement in any room! In fact, they are the crown molding of light fixtures. It adds that extra oomph and detail to the ceiling at a reasonable price. As mentioned above, attention to detail is key for bringing luxury to a space.

Also, be mindful of the size of the medallion as you don’t want it to be too small or too big for your chosen light fixture.

5. Fragrance Is Key

woman holding while smelling yellow and green flower
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It is unseen, but it has a HUGE impact on the overall feel of your home. Whether you use oil diffusers, candles, wall plugs, wax melts, or sprays, the fragrance is one of the very first details a person notices walking into a home.

And let’s face it, it can be a chore keeping up that luxury hotel smell in a house that is lived in. As a mom of 3 boys with a hubby who works outdoors, it can almost be a second job keeping everything smelling great.

Everyone has a “home smell” and you may not realize yours since you constantly are in it; so you can become desensitized to how your space smells. If you want that luxury atmosphere, do not skimp on the fragrance factor!

I personally opt for wall plugs. Generally, you can plug them in and forget about them for a month before they need to be replaced. Secondly, I love candles as well, though they do not last nearly as long, but the ambiance they bring is well worth it!

Having multiple candles in your room always adds a certain ambiance especially while cozying up to a favorite book on a rainy day or enjoying that well-deserved evening glass of wine.

**Tip** Luxury hotels use scents such as cardamom, mint, mandarin, bergamot, patchouli, and oud. These fragrance notes will help create that luxury 5-star hotel ambiance in your home!

6. Invest In A Chandelier

how to make your home look luxurious
how to make your home look luxurious

A truly timeless and classic light fixture, the chandelier makes a grandiose statement in any room! Now, they are expensive, however, there are many more cost-friendly options on Amazon that are under $300 when they generally can easily go above $1,000. So if you want to do a little splurge on a big statement item for added luxury, the chandelier is it.

7. Use Disposable Hand Towels

make your home look more expensive
make your home look more expensive

You see these disposable hand towels at nice restaurants, resorts, hotels, etc. Now you can bring them to your bathroom! For just $15-$20 you can get a huge pack of very nice, thick disposable hand towels for your bathroom and save those decorative hand towels some uses.

You can have it monogrammed with your last name if you’re “extra” like that. It will surely leave an impression on your guests! Plus it’s more sanitary to use than regular hand towels. They won’t leave guests wondering, “How many times has that hand towel been used already?”

8. Add Flowers and Greenery

bouquet of white fragrant eustoma flowers in vase placed on marble table near couch
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Whether it be real or faux ( we don’t hate on faux flowers around here) flowers add something special to a space. A fresh bouquet isn’t quite budget-friendly, but if you are lucky enough to have a flower garden in your yard, then go for it! If not, faux flowers can be a great alternative as well. Just make sure you get quality ones that will last a while and look authentic.

Go ahead and add bouquets to as many spaces as you like! You can make a beautiful dining room table centerpiece, or put a bouquet on your nightstand, in your bathroom, on your fireplace mantel, kitchen counter, bar, in your foyer, back patio, etc. Experiment with tall and short vases. There are endless possibilities! For hacks on making faux bouquets click here!

9. Have Plenty of Throw Pillows

An excess of unnecessary pillows on your couch and bed will add that cozy, comfortable, luxurious feeling. Try and add different types of pillows to make your space more dynamic/ interesting and less stale.

Adding different textures together such as fluffy, microfiber, plush, and two to three different shades of the same color family will accomplish this. In addition, combining solid-colored pillows with patterned pillows will enhance your space as well.

**Tip** To add some cost-effective versatility, purchase pillow covers! They are a budget-friendly way to update your pillows throughout the year during holidays.

10. Utilize Throw Blankets

couture book on sofa luxury decor
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Having multiple soft cozy throws on hand adds that extra oomph! From soft plush throws to those comfy chunky knit blankets, they all add the comfort of luxury.

Also, have a basket nearby to put your throws in that aren’t being used at the moment but keeping them on display for abundance. If you’re extra, toss a $20 faux fur lamb skin on the couch chase lounge.

11. Display Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great way to add drama and luxury. Pictured above is a photo from my first apartment. I worked part-time and lived at an income-based housing and still created a cozy space to come home to!

You can use them to frame windows, (like pictured above) large paintings, pictures, and doors, and be placed in halls and columns. You can purchase sconces for candles or buy electric ones you can install. The candle scones are more inexpensive than the electric ones and easier to install so I usually opt for those.

12. Hang Your Curtains High

sofa chairs in living room luxury on a budget
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I’ve been in beautiful, new homes that looked so empty and unfinished simply because there were no curtains on their windows; just blinds. Do not underestimate the transformational power of curtains in your home!

In fact, if your budget makes you choose between buying curtains or buying throws and extra pillows, always opt for the curtains first. They tie in the room better. Think of them as the anchor of the room apart from pieces of furniture.

They can add softness, and a romantic feel to a room, tie in accent colors, or they can add a bold statement as pictured above. Curtains can really guide the mood of the room, more than they are given credit for. So do not skimp out!

For a luxurious feel, pick a pair of curtains that have a valance or scarf at the top and let the curtains “puddle” on the floor a bit. In addition, allow for a nice swayed tie-back for added drama.

13. Buy Large Area Rugs

living room interior luxury
Photo by Alex Qian on Pexels.com

Large-area rugs are a staple to any luxurious space. They help tie in a room and bring the look together. A living room without an area room will look empty and unfinished. In addition to tying in the look of a room, a right-sized rug will make a room look larger which is always a plus!

Just be sure to get the correct size rug for the area because just as a rug can make your room look larger, it can make a space look smaller if it’s too small.

When you think of a large area rug, you think of it costing an arm and a leg, BUT there are many options on Amazon for large rugs under $200!

14. Conceal Those Cords

flat screen tv
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A big eye sore to any space is electronic cords hanging down the wall or tangled up and disorganized. You can have an immaculate living space, but if you have black cords dangling around, it will cheapen the look of your room, distract the eye, and disrupt a clean look. A cord concealer is a quick and inexpensive way to hide such unsavory chaos.

15. Add Detailing With Molding

16. Invest In Art

how to add luxury to your home
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Art has the power to elevate the look and feel of a space and add a sense of personality and sophistication. You don’t need to splurge on expensive original pieces; instead, look for affordable prints or photographs that speak to your style and aesthetic.

Frame them in high-quality frames to give them a polished look and display them strategically throughout your home.

17. Incorporate Mirrors

how to make your home look expensive
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