photo wall ideas
photo wall ideas

I was looking around my house the other day and noticed that I don’t have hardly any gallery wall art. I thought that this needed to change! Looking at all of these different gallery ideas and layouts, I was inspired to start planning out photo wall ideas with some much-needed updated photos of my family.

It can seem like a bit of a daunting task at first, but don’t let that hold you back or keep you from creating your beautiful wall gallery. Once you break down the process and take from layouts that inspire you, it’s totally doable!

In this post, there are 16 beautiful photo wall ideas to inspire with tips to help break down the process of creating a statement gallery for your living space! So let’s get into it!

Quick Layout Tips

Before designing your gallery, it’s important to have a game plan before hand. So here are some helpful tips to get you started!

  • Choose A Theme – Figure out if you want family photos, travel photos, art, color or no color, etc.
  • Look at photo wall ideas for inspiration to help get you started
  • Decide on your preferred layout with sizing and positioning
  • Select the type of frames you need for the look you are going for
  • Create a template using paper cutouts or painter’s tape to map out the layout on the wall before hanging anything. This helps visualize the arrangement and make adjustments easily.
  • Decide on a focal point and put smaller pieces around it
  • Keep spacing between frames 2-3 inches apart
  • Create a mockup with a floor layout before hanging
  • When Hanging start with the central or largest piece
  • Step back and make any adjustments as needed

Size Matters

photo wall ideas

Types of Layout Ideas

Hanging and revising a gallery using nails can create a ton of unwanted wall damage. Instead, opt for these command hooks for a wall free of holes. When choosing command hooks, be mindful of the varying weights that the different-sized hooks are designed to hold.

photo wall ideas

16 Beautiful Gallery Wall Ideas That Will Inspire

1. Staircase Gallery

I love how this look fills in a bland wall space but is still clean and cohesive. The white barrier in the frames helps create a more dynamic look as well.

To learn how to decorate large walls, click here.

2. Light It Up

What better way to showcase your loved ones than with gallery lights? I like this more modern take and style of the lights. I think the style of lights that you use can make all the difference with its overall appearance.

3. Eclectic Wall Decor

If you love bold colors and fun art, this is the perfect way to showcase your personality! Pick a statement color and build around it. Create balance by making it adding the statement color evenly in the design.

The problem with a large gallery like this is that it can get pricey. Alas! A great and affordable way to avoid a high ticket price is to try out printable wall art instead!

Check out this post to learn more about printable wall art – a more affordable way to decorate.

4. Hanging Wall Gallery

This is a unique take that I can appreciate. If you have a beautiful piece of driftwood from the beach, this would be the perfect way to let it shine!

5. 12×12 Prints

This 4×3 gallery of 12x12s is a great example of a more uniform look that is not bland. They balanced the gallery well with the length of the table making it a complimentary addition to the space.

Spacing is an important factor to consider when designing your gallery and this photo does a great job of exemplifying that.

6. Colorful Art

If you’re not afraid of a little color, pick out a color scheme of 3 colors to showcase and compliment your room’s look.

7. Go Vertical

This is perfect for smaller sections of walls. They can display art too!

8. Mix Prints With Decor Items

I love a well-balanced mixture of items and art on the wall. It gives creative freedom with your design and overall look.

9. Gallery Above Dressers

Above the dresser in a bedroom is also an excellent place to create a gallery. As you can see the photos are complimentary to the dresser from the frames to the spacing.

10. Neutral Walls

If bold color is not your thing but you think your walls are missing a little something, opt for a neutral gallery! It can make your space feel more chic but not colored. Perfect for the minimalist who also likes design.

11. Mix and Match Frames

Not everything has to be so cookie-cutter to be beautiful and this photo proves it! The different frames complement one another perfectly and create more interest.

12. Black and White Gallery

Sometimes when I’m editing photos, it can be SO hard to choose from color or black and white. There is something so classic and profound about black and white photos.

It also goes with any kind of home decor seamlessly. If you are having trouble deciding on a color scheme, why not go for the classic and sleek black and white?

13. Go Green with Botanicals

For the plant lovers out there this idea is a gem! Plant art can go in any room of the home and look like it belongs there – even the bathroom!

14. Cartoon Art

For a bold, fun look, try out cartoon wall art! They can be comics, your favorite cartoons from growing up, or even a vintage eclectic collection like pictured above.

This works so well with the brick wall and I love how the blues tie in well with the couch and yellow with the dresser.

15. Minimalist Gallery

Minimalistic photo wall ideas don’t have to be boring! The main thing is to use a neutral palette with clean lines. This mixture ties in so well together and adds to the space.

16. Abstract Wall

I can appreciate the abstract wall as it just doesn’t remind me of anything in particular. It’s more of a feeling that you get from it. It’s no wonder that it makes for a beautiful wall gallery as well!

I hope these photo wall ideas and tips have helped not only inspire you but also ease any overwhelming thoughts about the process. Once you break it down, it can be fun to take time to sit and design your layout on the floor while looking through your treasured family photos or prized artwork. Have any cool design ideas or tips of your own? Feel free to comment below!

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photo wall ideas
photo wall ideas
photo wall ideas
photo wall ideas

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