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With fall on the brain, I can’t help but scour Amazon and add to my list all the goods! At the moment I am really feeling the eucalyptus, white pumpkin, and checkered look.

From the cozy glow of candlelight to the rustic charm of pumpkin accents, there’s something truly magical about adorning our living spaces with the essence of the autumn season.

And what better place to explore a delightful array of fall decor favorites than Amazon?

In this blog post, we’re diving into a curated selection of handpicked treasures that Amazon has to offer, ensuring that your home becomes a haven of warmth and seasonal splendor.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional harvest motifs or prefer a more modern and minimalist approach, these Amazon finds are bound to ignite your creativity and infuse your space with the spirit of fall!

I’m excited to share a few of my favorite finds, Amazon edition!

Keep in mind, while I’m sharing my favorite products that fit into my fall color scheme, these same products have a variety of options to choose from that will suit your fall decor goals!

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9 Amazon Fall Decor Favorites

1. White Ceramic Pumpkin Bowl

fall decor ideas

Immediately when I saw this cute bowl, I knew I needed it! I enjoy the comfort of warm soups during this time of year, so I had to indulge a bit. It’s also great for pumpkin whip dip or any other dip for that matter and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

2. Buffalo Plaid Rug

A trend I have really grown fond of is layering rugs! The black and white checkered look can be pretty versatile as it supports a variety of decor themes. I love my buffalo plaid rug on my front porch. To be honest, I do use it all year round and change out the top doormat.

I like that it’s a large enough size to accommodate my doormat on top. I have gotten one before that was too small and was hidden behind the mat, not giving the desired layered look I was going for. Always be mindful of measurements!

I’ve had it for over two years while using it year-round, and it has held up really well! It has some minor fading since the sun beats down on my front porch most of the day. Every now and then I flip it over to minimize sun fading and to make it last longer.

3. Chunky Knit Throw

I love a good snuggly, chunky knit throw! They can be pretty pricey but this large one from Adyrescia is fairly priced at $49.99 and has the ratings to boot.

They also come in 8 different colors to suit your specific decor needs. To me, the essence of fall is comfort and indulgence. I love having a cozy throw on hand in my bedroom and living room. They add to the aesthetic as well making your space more inviting and cozy!

4. Small Artificial Pumpkins

These assorted artificial pumpkins are a staple for fall decor! I love how they have 21 different colors to choose from, even metallics! And the price is awesome for getting 12!

They are perfect for creating a festive dining table centerpiece, wreath, and decorating mantles as well as coffee tables!

5. Matte Black Candle Sticks

Even though you can use them throughout the year, these matte black candle sticks are trending this year for fall decor. Candles are an absolute necessity in my home, especially for the fall season. I love the warm glow they give as you snuggle up with your favorite book and beverage. It’s a certain ambiance that can’t be beaten!

These can really elevate your dining table, fireplace mantle, and foyer table! Plus, as mentioned above, since they aren’t specific you can get more use out of them all year long! And with a $12.99 price tag, you can’t go wrong with that!

6. Cheese Cloth Table Runner

The best thing about this table runner besides its budget-friendly price tag is how versatile it is for various decor themes and color schemes! It has 15 shades to choose from but for fall, my favorite is this nude color. Golds, browns, and greens would really complement this earthy shade. The rich and vibrant terracotta would work perfectly for fall as well!

I love the elegant, simple, and romantic look this table runner brings to any dining table.

7. Sup Witches Doormat

As much as I love a “Hello Pumpkin” doormat, this one in particular speaks to me. I love to layer it on top of my buffalo plaid mat for a more interesting and dynamic look.

8. Fairy Lights

These are such a super simple and budget-friendly way to bring a warm glow to your home for fall! Fairy lights are perfect for intertwining with your favorite fall garland or even stuffing in lanterns. I love a little added sparkle, so naturally, these made it onto my Amazon finds for fall decor favorites.

9. Lanterns

I’m a sucker for lanterns. And these from TIMRIS are perfect for capturing that fall feel! I love to put battery candles in them and fill the base with my chosen fall foliage and small pumpkins. They are perfect not only for back patios but also for framing around a fireplace or front door entrance.

The wood adds to that fall rustic look while the cross design adds a cottage charm to it. I also like the variation in size as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Amazon finds for fall decor favorites! Amazon offers an impressive array of fall decor favorites that cater to a wide range of tastes and styles.

Whether you’re seeking cozy accents to transform your living space into a warm autumnal haven or searching for creative ways to infuse the spirit of the season into your home, Amazon’s diverse selection has something for everyone.

From rustic pumpkin displays and elegant harvest wreaths to charming candle holders and festive table settings, these fall decor treasures allow you to effortlessly capture the essence of fall and create an inviting atmosphere that delights both residents and guests alike.

Embrace the beauty of the season with these carefully curated decor options available at your fingertips on Amazon, and celebrate the magic of autumn in every corner of your home! Happy Decorating!

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