Decluttering Your Home and Mind: A New Year Detox

how to declutter your home
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With Christmas over and done, I am looking around and have the sudden urge to purge. Ya know what I’m feelin’? I can’t get that tree down soon enough!

My eyes are drawn to all of these spaces that have accumulated a little bit of clutter over the year and I’m ready to THROW it all out and welcome in the fresh start that is the new year. So who’s with me?!

Even though a fresh start sounds nice, the task as a whole can seem overwhelming which is how and why the clutter is there in the first place. Luckily, I have a few helpful tips from over the years on how to combat this and create that fresh start and comfortable feeling of a decluttered home!

In this post, I will discuss tips and steps to take to make your decluttered home a reality and not a forever ” I will get to it eventually” thought that plagues your mind and to-do list.?

Even to those who are far from identifying as OCD, a clean space can make a WORLD of difference to your mental and emotional state.

Whether you realize it or not, a cluttered room can disturb your quality of sleep. Like we need any more reasons for that? It can also elevate your anxiety levels; no thank you!

When you declutter several things will improve such as you are more productive, and confident, it promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, promotes better sleep, and makes cleaning a lot easier for the future!

“Clutter is the enemy of clarity” – Julia Cameron

Decluttering also improves your air quality, reduces allergens, expands your living space, boosts happiness, and can make you feel more energized! Sounds like a cure all right? Never underestimate the power of a clean space!

Your environment is said to be a reflection of your mind. So if you clear out the cluttered chaos, you will create a more tranquil mind. Plus, it can be so therapeutic to throw things away. Want less chaos for the New Year? Me too!

Questions To Ask Before Purging

  • Does this item bring me happiness?
  • Have I used this item this past year?
  • (If it’s damaged) will I find time to fix it?
  • Would I buy this today if I were shopping?
  • Is this item important enough to take up space?

– How to Get Started –

1. Identify Your Problem Areas

As you walk around your home make notes of problem areas that you spot, such as clutter on top of your fridge, dresser drawers that are packed full of clothes you don’t even wear, random items in corners of your home, are there toys your kids no longer play with, stuff under your bed, etc.

2. Find Motivation and Inspiration

Before you get started, hype yourself up! Whatever it may be, a trip to your favorite coffee cafe for that extra shot of expresso before you start, binging a season of hoarders, or reading up on some of these motivational quotes and tips will work well!

– Decluttering Tips –

how to declutter your home
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1. Make A Declutter Schedule

Since this can be an overwhelming task as a whole, it’s important to break it down into different rooms a day. Look at your schedule and see when you could tackle a room on a weekend. If you’re able to request a week off of work for the big project to knock it out, go right ahead!

Whatever works best for you, write it out on a calendar, break it down, and stick to it!

2. Rent A Dumpster

That’s right, rent a dumpster. If you have more than a few trash cans worth of clutter, call in the big guns. It will save you major time and frustration.

However, I will say to rent from a local business and not the big Waste Management companies to save you tons of money. We were able to rent one for an entire weekend for about $300 compared to the $1,000 the big corporate company wanted.

3. Start With Your Areas of Storage

First, you will want to tackle your larger areas of storage such as garages, attics, and closets. You want them to serve as functional spaces and not just a covered-up disaster.

Plus, once you clean your storage areas out, then it will make cleaning the smaller areas easier since you will have space to put items that were taking up living space.

4. Tackle Room By Room

Now this is key. If you’re like me, it’s SO easy to feel overwhelmed when you look at the project as a whole. Then you end up avoiding the task and it never gets done. But we are changing that TODAY!

Just focus on a room a day, or depending on your life’s demands at the moment, a room a weekend. If you have let’s say 7 rooms, if you do a room a weekend, in 2 months your house will be completely decluttered! Be sure to focus on one room at a time.

5. Have Fun With It!

No I’m not being delulu here. I mean really make it into a fun project! I am a big music lover, so I make a mood of it by turning up my favorite music and getting to work. Heck, pour yourself up your favorite beverage as well. Whatever will make this more of a cleansing “you time” than work, go ahead and try it out!

Also, another way to keep it from being such a chore, reward yourself! For each room you complete, have a reward or treat waiting for you at the end. #treatyoself

how to declutter your home
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After you have tackled the beast that is unwanted clutter, light a candle, kick back, and enjoy the new-found serenity that your home exudes! I hope this post has helped inspire you to have the courage and motivation to declutter your space. Remember, there is no shame in having clutter, it happens to the best of us. We live there after all!

I just want you to enjoy your home and your space to the very best and it’s so much easier to do that when our space is clean and free of clutter. It opens up our home and mentally prepares us to welcome fresh new beginnings in our lives as well! So out with the old, and in with the New Year!

how to declutter your home

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