In this post, I will cover effective ways on how to decorate a large wall. These tips and decor options will make the best use of negative space without looking cluttered or disorganized.

how to decorate a large wall
how to decorate a large wall

At one point or another, we’ve all had that one wall where we just can’t quit putting our finger on what would look best. Luckily there are several aesthetically pleasing ways to make great use of your large wall space and add value to the room!

A vast expanse of blank space offers a unique opportunity to showcase your style, but it can also feel overwhelming. Fear not! With a bit of creativity and planning, you can turn that large wall into a stunning focal point. Here are some inspired ideas to help you get started.

The goal of decorating a large wall is to create a cohesive balance in a room while infusing your own style and personality. In addition, it helps direct the eye visually and create a harmonious atmosphere by making the best use of the space in its entirety.

10 Big Wall Decor Ideas

how to decorate a large wall

1. Illuminate With Statement Lighting

Unique lighting fixtures can serve as both functional and decorative elements. Lighting can highlight your wall decor and create a calming ambiance.

I love how these lights, though the fixtures themselves are small, the design that they emit fills in the negative space well while creating interest.

**Tip** User dimmable lights to adjust the mood and highlight different elements of your wall decor

2. Add Functional and Decorative Shelving

Installing shelves is a practical and stylish way to decorate a large wall while adding storage. Floating shelves, in particular, are a great sleek and modern option.

You can display a mix of books, plants, sculptures, and other decorative items on shelves. This not only fills the space but also allows you to showcase your style and decor.

Quick Tips for Decorating Floating Shelves

how to decorate a large wall
  • Balance and Symmetry
    • Arrange items symmetrically or asymmetrically for a balanced look.
    • Alternate between tall and short items to create visual interest.
  • Layering
    • Place items at different depths to add dimension.
    • Layer smaller items in front of larger ones.
  • Mixing Items
    • Combine various objects like books, plants, photos, and decorative pieces.
    • Mix textures and materials for a dynamic display.
  • Color Coordination
    • Use a consistent color palette that complements your room’s decor.
    • Add pops of color through small accessories.
  • Personal Touch
    • Include personal items like souvenirs, photos, and heirlooms.
    • Showcase items that reflect your personality and interests.
  • Spacing
    • Avoid overcrowding; leave some empty space for a clean look.
    • Vary the spacing between items to keep it interesting.
  • Height Variation
    • Use items of different heights to avoid a flat appearance.
    • Stack books horizontally to elevate smaller objects.
  • Greenery
    • Add small plants or succulents for a touch of nature.
    • Use a mix of hanging and potted plants.
  • Art and Frames
    • Incorporate small art pieces or framed photos.
    • Lean frames against the wall for a relaxed, informal look.
  • Regular Updates
    • Refresh the arrangement periodically to keep it looking current.
    • Swap out items seasonally or whenever you feel like a change.

**Tip**: Use brackets or supports that blend with the wall to keep the focus on your displayed items.

3. Try Wall Murals and Decals

Wall murals and decals offer a unique and customizable way to decorate. Murals can transform your wall into a picturesque landscape, an abstract wonder, or a whimsical scene.

Decals, on the other hand, are easier to apply and remove, perfect for those who love to switch up their decor frequently.

**Make sure when considering decals that your wall does not have flat-based paint because they will not stick to the wall well.**

how to decorate a large wall
how to decorate a large wall

4. Utilize Large Mirrors

Mirrors are a classic way to enhance a room’s light and depth! Adding a large mirror or a collection of smaller ones can make your space feel much bigger and brighter.

Be sure to choose frames that complement your decor, whether they are sleek and modern or ornate and vintage. Even though picture frames are considered a “small detail”, they can greatly reinforce your room’s design aesthetic.

how to decorate a large wall
how to decorate a large wall

5. Hang Oversized Statement Art

One large piece of art can make a dramatic impact! Whether it’s a vibrant painting, an abstract print, or a black-and-white photograph, oversized art commands attention and adds a sophisticated touch.

This approach is especially effective in modern and minimalist spaces where simplicity reigns.

**Tip**: Ensure the art piece is appropriately proportioned to the wall; it should fill a significant portion of the space without overwhelming it.

6. Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is a fantastic way to fill up space while showcasing your personality or favorite family memories. Mix and match frames of different sizes, styles, and colors to add visual interest.

You can include a variety of art pieces such as photographs, paintings, prints, and even personal mementos. To ensure a cohesive look, consider a common theme or color palette that ties everything together.

To avoid a “cluttered” look, look up different layout inspirations that will create a balanced and cohesive gallery design.

For wall gallery tips and layout guides, check out this post by Art Designs By Bella

how to decorate a large wall
how to decorate a large wall

7. Hang Textiles

Textile hangings, such as tapestries, quilts, or woven wall art, add texture and warmth to a room. These pieces can introduce color, pattern, and a sense of coziness.

They are especially great for bohemian, eclectic, or rustic decor styles.

8. Use Sconces to Frame Mirrors and Art Work

Sconces are a great way to not only frame an object but also expand the visual appeal of artwork and mirrors.

In addition, they add a touch of illumination to your walls and create ambiance for those who are not a fan of the “big light” being on.

9. Add A Vertical Garden

For all the avid plant lovers out there, vertical gardens are a great choice for filling in negative wall space!

Incorporating plants into your wall decor brings life and freshness to any space! Plants can soften the look of a large wall and create a tranquil, inviting atmosphere.

**Tip**: Choose plants that will thrive in the lighting conditions of your room.

10. Create an Accent Wall

Accent walls, whether adding texture with wood or printed wallpaper, can create a beautiful focal point and depth in any space! They do a great job of breaking up the monotony of a large blank wall.

Additionally, accent walls allow you to have fun and experiment with colors as well as patterns without overwhelming the entire room.

This helps provide a dynamic backdrop that elevates the room and showcases your personal style.

I hope this post helped you get inspired and learn different ways on how to decorate a large wall. Decorating a large wall is your chance to let your creativity shine.

Whether you opt for a gallery wall filled with memories, an oversized art piece, or a verdant vertical garden, the key is to ensure that your wall decor reflects your personal style. As always have fun and get creative with the process! Remember this space is YOURS.

All the best,

Olivia Jay

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