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As a mom of 3 rambunctious boys and 2 cats who love to ONLY throw up hairballs on carpeted surfaces (sigh), I was looking for a non-slip washable rug for easy cleaning that would not cost an arm and a leg. Washable rugs are becoming popular fast and for good reason.

However, being on a tight budget limits the choices out there as they can be pricey. I came across this washable rug on TikTok Shop and decided to give it a go since it was on sale for under $20 (regularly 29.99) AND non-slip. Come to find out, it’s also on Amazon with faster and free shipping (if a Prime member) compared to TikTok.

So without further ado, here is my honest review of the pros AND cons of the budget-friendly washable Genimo rugs!

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Genimo Washable Rugs Review

My first purchase was this 2×7 Genimo Washable Rug Runner in grey. I figured if I wanted to see how well this rug held up to its claims, I should start with the most high-traffic areas in my home (kitchen and entryway) and the less expensive option with it being a runner.

Also, I like light grey colors so I wanted to see if I could get away with lighter colors in busy areas of my home. It’s hard to be able to buy things on the lighter side with kids in the home.

My kitchen really put this rug to the test as I cook often, there are frequent spills, high traffic, and boys that love to run around. After a month of use, I’ve only had to wash it twice since spills are super easy to spot clean with it being spill-resistant.

They were easy to fold up, and wash, and came out still looking new after each wash.

What I Like…

washable rugs
  • How truly non-slip it is – It was SO frustrating having runner rugs in high-traffic areas that I had to keep readjusting even with “non-slip” grips added to the backing. So this feature alone immediately caught my eye AND it held to its non-slip promise. With kids that run around the house, this feature became a MUST! So it not only held in high-traffic areas but also did well with rambunctious boys.
  • Its durability – This rug has truly taken a beating in my kitchen. And it still looks as good as new! I was worried that it would fade easily since it was thin or start coming apart after washing. But I was pleasantly surprised!
  • It is spill-resistant – This feature is truly amazing so you don’t have to wash it every single day. As a busy mom with 5 people in my home, I have enough laundry to attend to. So even with the ease of washable rugs, I did not want to have to have something I needed to wash every day. So this feature was a helpful bonus!
  • They are lightweight – This to me is a must as bulky rugs can be a pain to keep picking up and rolling up. If you’re picking up the rug to wash, it should be made lighter to make this task easier and not damage your washing machine.
  • How budget-friendly they are – This is a HUGE factor for me. No matter how amazing something is, if it’s too pricey, it’s a no for me. As I said, I purchased this rug for under $20 with a sale promo and they have promos all the time along with coupons on Amazon for up to 50% off!
  • Variety of different sizes – Even though they do not come in round options, Genimo washable rugs have a great variety of sizes to choose from with their runners and area rugs.
  • It’s Available on Amazon – My original purchase was on TikTok but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this brand on Amazon as well! I have a Prime subscription so it made shipping free and a lot quicker as it is available for 2-day shipping.

What I Didn’t Like…

  • There are limited design types to choose from – When it comes to Genimo’s washable rugs, there are limited design styles to choose from. They all have this beautiful ornate design, but if you are looking for more geometric or minimal design styles, then this rug would not tick that box.
  • There are no “round” options – When I had a friend ask me about a good rug to use, I checked to see if they had a round option that she was looking for, and they did not. While they do have a variety of sizing options available, currently they do not have any round rugs to choose from. Maybe they will come out with more in the future, we shall see. If they do, I will update this post.

Side Note:

Also, this wasn’t a negative to me, but it may be to some people: If you are looking for a soft, thick, plush rug, this is not the rug for you. It is thin but that’s what makes it washable and lightweight.

I would only personally consider the thinness as a negative if it made it less durable. But I’ve found that is not the case with this brand.

Would I Purchase It Again?

Overall I’m giving this a resounding yes! Given the inexpensive price points, frequent sales, non-slip features, durability, and washability, I would say the Genimo rugs are truly a game changer and well worth it! They are a perfect alternative to their more expensive counterparts, Ruggables, and back their claims.

If you are interested in giving these washable rugs a go, you can find them here on Amazon.

I hope you found this review on Genimo washable rugs helpful. If you are new here, just know I do not recommend products unless I genuinely believe in them. If you have a Genimo washable rug, feel free to share your thoughts below!

washable rugs

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