transitioning seasonal decor

With Summer around the corner, I thought it would be good to share a quick guide on how to easily transition seasonal décor. There are several effective ways to revamp seasonal décor in your home that are also budget-friendly! It can get crazy expensive to change out your home décor every few months, but it doesn’t have to be!

With three kids my budget doesn’t allow for an elaborate seasonal transition in my home, however, I have found a few décor staples and hacks that help get the season’s theme point across without breaking the bank.

Not only will I cover seasonal hot spots in your home, but also decorating tips by the season and great stores to shop for certain budget-friendly décor items. So let’s get to it!

To make the transition process not only more affordable but also less overwhelming, I like to focus on only certain rooms and places in the home. For instance, I don’t typically decorate the bedrooms and bathrooms seasonally.

The areas I focus on are the living room, dining room, kitchen, foyer, and front porch. Those are the most impactful areas for seasonal décor.

In addition, here are some of my favorite places to buy seasonal décor items that don’t break the bank!

  • Dollar Tree – This is a great option for wreaths you want to make yourself without having to make the base.
  • Big Lots – Sometimes they have some great wreath options at an affordable price.
  • Amazon – You can find just about everything here and shop at different price points
  • Etsy – This is great for custom orders with different price ranges to choose from.
  • Hobby Lobby – If you are crafty, visit your local Hobby Lobby for items to make your season décor! For a great deal, look out for their sales specifically their beginning-of-the-season sales that are 40-50% off!
transitioning seasonal decor

How To Easily Transition Seasonal Decor

1. Door Wreath

transitioning seasonal decor

A front door wreath can make a beautiful statement for your home! Wreaths used to be mainly for Christmas décor, but that is no longer the case. There are wreaths for just about every occasion and any design.

You can make them your own or you can purchase one already made or have one custom-made.

Some wreath hot spots in your home aren’t just limited to the front door. You can hang them above your fireplace, over a mirror, and above/ on your kitchen stove range.

2. Welcome Mat

How To Easily Transition Seasonal Décor

Liven up your entryway with a fresh new welcome mat. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to inject seasonal vibes into your home. It’s a first impression base décor item that greets guests so make it fun and inviting! There are so many options these days, even custom.

Experiment with layering your front door mats as well. A popular and good all-year-round option is a black and white checkered rug to lay under your main welcome mat. It’s trendy and goes with just about anything!

3. The Dining Table

transitioning seasonal decor

The dining room is one of the most festive areas of the home as it hosts just about every occasion you can think of. It’s hard to truly celebrate anything without a proper meal!

With dining tables, you have the option to be as detailed with the décor as you want down to the type of napkin rings you use or just placing a simple centerpiece.

Here are some simple elements to consider while decorating your dining table seasonally.

  • Choose a Theme or Color Palette: For spring, consider pastel shades and floral motifs. Summer invites vibrant colors and coastal or tropical themes. Fall calls for warm tones and rustic elements, while winter welcomes cool hues and touches of sparkle.
  • Seasonal Centerpieces: For spring, arrange a bouquet of fresh flowers in a charming vase or opt for a wreath of blooming blossoms. In summer, fill a glass bowl with colorful fruits or create a beach-inspired centerpiece with seashells and driftwood. For fall, arrange an assortment of pumpkins, gourds, and autumn foliage. During winter, adorn the table with an elegant candle centerpiece or a collection of sparkling ornaments.
  • Linens and Table Runners: Choose tablecloths, placemats, and napkins that coordinate with your chosen theme or color palette. Crisp whites or light pastels work well for spring and summer, while rich earth tones or deep jewel tones are perfect for fall and winter. Consider adding texture with lace, burlap, or embroidered patterns to enhance the seasonal vibe.
  • Seasonal Tableware and Accents: Invest in seasonal plates, bowls, and glassware to add a festive touch to your dining table. For example, delicate floral patterns for spring, nautical motifs for summer, rustic pottery for fall, and elegant metallic accents for winter. Coordinate your silverware and serving dishes to match the overall theme, creating a visually pleasing table setting.
  • Candlelight and Lighting: Incorporate candles of various heights and sizes to add a cozy glow to your dining table. Choose scented candles that evoke the scents of the season, such as fresh linen in spring, tropical fruits in summer, cinnamon or pumpkin spice in fall, and evergreen or peppermint in winter. Additionally, consider string lights or fairy lights for a magical touch during winter celebrations.
  • Natural Elements and Texture: In spring and summer, adorn your table with fresh flowers, potted plants, or a bowl of vibrant fruits. Fall calls for dried leaves, acorns, or mini pumpkins, while winter embraces pinecones, evergreen branches, and holly berries. Introduce texture through woven placemats, natural-fiber coasters, or linen napkins.

4. Floral Arrangements

How To Easily Transition Seasonal Décor

Swapping out floral arrangements in your home for seasonal changes is a delightful way to bring the beauty and freshness of each season indoors.

By incorporating flowers and foliage that are in season, you can create stunning displays that enhance the ambiance of your living space. Here’s a quick guide on how to swap out floral arrangements for seasonal changes:

  • Research seasonal flowers: Start by researching which flowers are in season during each particular season. This will help you determine which blooms to look for and incorporate into your arrangements. Consider visiting local flower markets, garden centers, or even your garden to find the freshest and most vibrant seasonal flowers.
  • Choose a focal point: Select a focal point in your home where you’d like to showcase your floral arrangements. This could be a dining table, a mantel, a coffee table, or a sideboard. By focusing your floral displays on one or more key areas, you can make a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of the room.
  • Select a color scheme: Consider the color palette that best represents the season you are decorating for. For example, in spring, you might opt for soft pastels or vibrant yellows and pinks. In summer, you can choose bold and vibrant hues. Fall is characterized by warm oranges, yellows, and deep reds, while winter often features whites, greens, and deep blues. Select flowers that complement the chosen color scheme to create a cohesive and visually appealing arrangement.
  • Choose complementary vases or containers: Select vases or containers that complement the style and theme of your floral arrangement. This can range from simple glass vases to rustic baskets or decorative ceramic pots. Consider the size, shape, and color of the container to ensure it enhances the overall aesthetic of the arrangement.

5. Pillow Covers

transitioning seasonal decor

Pillow covers come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs, allowing you to easily change the look and style of your pillows and bedroom.

They offer a simple and cost-effective way to update your décor, match your bedding or furniture, or add a pop of color or texture to your space.

In addition, compared to cleaning an entire pillow, washing pillow covers is generally more convenient. Most covers can be easily removed, washed, and dried, saving you time and effort in maintaining the cleanliness of your bedding.

With a house full of boys, I’m allll about that!

Overall, pillow covers offer a range of advantages, including protection, hygiene, allergen control, comfort, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance.

By using them, you can keep your pillows clean, fresh, and in good condition for a longer period, while also enjoying the benefits of enhanced comfort and style each season!

6. Seasonal Scents

transitioning seasonal decor

Our sense of smell is closely linked to our memories and emotions. By using scents associated with specific seasons, such as cinnamon or pine during the winter or fresh flowers during spring, you can evoke nostalgic feelings and bring back fond memories associated with those times of the year.

This can create a warm and comforting environment that enhances your overall well-being.

Scents can play a crucial role in enhancing the experience of each season. For example, during autumn, using scents like pumpkin spice or apple cider can evoke the cozy and comforting feeling associated with the season.

In summer, scents like fresh-cut grass or coconut can bring to mind the warmth and relaxation of vacations or outdoor activities.

By incorporating scents that align with the season, you can fully immerse yourself in the spirit of that time of year and make your home feel more in tune with the surrounding environment.

7. Fireplace Mantel Décor

transitioning seasonal decor

Seasonally decorating a fireplace mantel is a wonderful way to bring the spirit of each season into your home. It is the main focus point in your living room so you want to make sure you decorate it to its full potential. Here is a quick guide on how to make your mantel look well-decorated for each season!

  • Start with a clean slate: Before you begin decorating, clear off your mantel completely and give it a thorough cleaning. Remove any existing décor or items to create a blank canvas for your seasonal display.
  • Choose a theme or color scheme: Select a theme or color scheme that reflects the season you’re decorating for. For example, in spring, you might opt for pastel colors and floral elements, while in autumn, warm hues and natural elements like pumpkins or leaves would be fitting. This will help guide your décor choices and create a cohesive and visually appealing mantel display.
  • Create a focal point: Choose a central piece or arrangement that serves as the focal point of your mantel. This could be a large mirror, a piece of artwork, or a seasonal wreath. Place it slightly off-center to add visual interest.
  • Add layers and height: Create depth and dimension by layering various objects and adding varying heights to your mantel. Use a combination of candles, vases, small sculptures, or seasonal figurines. Incorporate different textures and materials like wood, glass, or ceramic to add visual contrast.
  • Balance and symmetry: Achieve a sense of balance by placing similar items on each side of the mantel. Symmetry can create a harmonious and polished look. For example, you could flank the focal point with matching candle holders or display identical floral arrangements on either end.
  • Incorporate seasonal elements: Integrate seasonal elements that reflect the time of year. You might use fresh flowers or branches for spring, while autumn could include pumpkins, pinecones, or dried leaves. For winter, consider using garlands, ornaments, or snowflakes.
  • Add lighting: Illuminate your mantel display with soft lighting. Arrange candles or string lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The gentle glow will enhance the ambiance and make your seasonal decorations even more captivating.

8. Foyer Décor

transitioning seasonal decor

Decorating the foyer or entryway of your home for seasonal changes is a wonderful way to create a welcoming atmosphere and set the tone for the rest of your interior.

Make sure you select a focal point in your entryway that can be easily changed with the seasons. This could be a console table, a bench, a wall-mounted shelf, or a decorative mirror. The focal point will serve as the anchor for your seasonal displays.

In addition, consider changing the artwork or mirror in your foyer entryway to reflect the seasons. For example, in spring, you might hang a colorful floral painting or a mirror with a decorative frame.

In winter, you could opt for a wintry landscape or a mirror adorned with a wreath. This simple swap can instantly transform the look and feel of your entryway.

Lastly, incorporate seasonal accents that reflect the time of year. For spring, consider adding a vase of fresh flowers or a potted plant.

In summer, display seashells or a bowl of citrus fruits. For fall, use pumpkins, gourds, or a harvest-themed wreath.

In winter, incorporate evergreen branches, pinecones, or a holiday-inspired centerpiece. These seasonal accents will infuse your entryway with the spirit of each season.

~ Decorating Tips By Season ~


Spring is a season of renewal and vibrant growth, and decorating your home to reflect the spirit of this season can bring a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere indoors.

  • Lighten up with pastels: Embrace the soft and delicate colors of spring by incorporating pastel shades into your home décor. Swap out darker and heavier textiles, such as curtains or throw blankets, for lighter options in hues like mint green, blush pink, or sky blue. These gentle colors can instantly brighten up your space and create a sense of airiness
  • Bring in fresh flowers and greenery: Flowers and greenery are iconic symbols of spring. Fill vases and pots with freshly cut flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths, and place them in various rooms throughout your home. Consider adding potted plants, such as ferns or succulents, to add a touch of nature and freshness to your indoor spaces.
  • Add natural elements: Embrace the outdoors by incorporating natural elements into your spring décor. Decorative branches, twigs, or even a small vase of colorful bird feathers can bring an organic and earthy feel to your space. Consider using woven baskets, wooden trays, or seagrass accents to further enhance the natural aesthetic.
  • Light and sheer window treatments: Allow more natural light to filter into your home by replacing heavy drapes or curtains with light and sheer window treatments. Sheer fabrics in soft colors will diffuse the light and create a soft, ethereal ambiance. This will also help create a connection between your interior and the blossoming world outside.
  • Incorporate botanical prints: Introduce botanical prints into your home décor to celebrate the beauty of nature. Look for floral patterns on cushions, table linens, or even wallpapers to infuse your space with a sense of springtime freshness. These prints can instantly transform your home into a blooming garden retreat.
  • Refresh your table settings: Set your dining table with a spring-inspired tablescape. Opt for floral or pastel-colored tablecloths, napkins, and placemats. Consider using natural materials like woven chargers or wooden serving dishes to add texture. Finish the look with a centerpiece of fresh flowers or a potted herb garden.
  • Play with textures and patterns: Mix and match different textures and patterns to add depth and interest to your spring décor. Incorporate items like woven rugs, light knit throws, or textured cushions to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Experiment with patterns such as stripes, gingham, or floral motifs to infuse energy and visual appeal.


Summer is a season of warmth, relaxation, and vibrant energy, and decorating your home to reflect the essence of this season can create a delightful and refreshing atmosphere.

  • Embrace light and airy colors: Inject your home with the breezy and light-hearted feel of summer by incorporating bright and airy colors. Opt for shades like sunny yellow, crisp white, ocean blues, or soft coral to create a vibrant and uplifting ambiance. Use these colors in your furnishings, accessories, and even wall paint to bring the essence of summer indoors.
  • Create indoor-outdoor flow: Take advantage of the pleasant weather by creating an indoor-outdoor flow in your home. Arrange your furniture to face windows or patio doors, allowing natural light to flood in and inviting the outdoors inside. Use lightweight curtains or blinds that can be easily opened or tied back to connect your interior space with your outdoor living areas.
  • Decorate with natural materials: Bring a touch of nature into your home by incorporating natural materials. Use woven baskets, jute rugs, seagrass décor, or bamboo furniture to create a coastal and relaxed vibe. These natural elements not only add texture and visual interest but also evoke a sense of summer’s connection to the outdoors.
  • Add tropical accents: Infuse your home with tropical-inspired décor to create a summery oasis. Incorporate elements like palm leaf prints, tropical patterns, or vibrant floral motifs in your throw pillows, cushions, or wall art. Consider adding potted tropical plants, like ferns or palm trees, to bring the lushness of the tropics indoors.
  • Lighten up your textiles: Swap out heavy fabrics like velvet or wool for lightweight textiles more suitable for summer. Choose lighter curtains, sheer drapes, or linen fabrics to allow for better airflow and create a breezy atmosphere. Replace heavier bedding with crisp cotton sheets and lightweight duvets or opt for colorful and breathable summer quilts.
  • Incorporate nautical elements: Embrace a nautical theme to channel a coastal summer vibe. Decorate with seashells, ropes, anchors, or boat-inspired artwork. Incorporate navy and white stripes into your textiles or choose accessories with a maritime influence. These elements will add a touch of seaside charm to your home décor.
  • Create outdoor-inspired vignettes: Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside by creating vignettes inspired by summer activities. Display shells or driftwood collected during beach trips, arrange a collection of vibrant fruits in a decorative bowl, or create a display of fresh summer blooms in mason jars. These small touches can evoke the carefree spirit of summer and add visual interest to your home.


Fall is a season of cozy warmth, rich colors, and natural beauty, making it the perfect time to embrace the spirit of autumn in your home décor. Here are some fall decorating tips for your home:

  • Embrace warm and earthy tones: Incorporate warm and earthy colors like deep reds, burnt oranges, golden yellows, and rich browns into your décor. Use these hues in your throw pillows, blankets, rugs, curtains, and accessories to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that reflects the changing foliage outdoors.
  • Decorate with natural elements: Celebrate the beauty of fall by incorporating natural elements into your home décor. Display decorative gourds, pumpkins, and colorful leaves as centerpieces or accents throughout your home. Incorporate dried cornstalks, wheat sheaves, or branches with fall foliage for a rustic touch. Consider adding touches of burlap, twine, or woven baskets to enhance the natural aesthetic.
  • Layer textures and fabrics: Create warmth and depth in your home by layering different textures and fabrics. Add cozy throw blankets, chunky knit pillows, or faux fur accents to your seating areas. Consider swapping lightweight summer curtains for heavier drapes made from velvet or tweed to add warmth and insulation. These layers will not only provide visual interest but also make your home feel more comfortable during the cooler months.
  • Incorporate warm lighting: As the days get shorter, lighting becomes crucial for creating a cozy ambiance. Use warm, soft lighting throughout your home to enhance the fall atmosphere. Place table lamps with amber-toned or frosted glass shades in your living spaces. Consider using candles or string lights to add a warm and flickering glow that evokes the cozy feeling of fall evenings.
  • Display seasonal florals and foliage: Bring the beauty of autumn indoors by incorporating seasonal flowers and foliage into your décor. Arrange bouquets of sunflowers, chrysanthemums, or dahlias in vases or decorative pitchers. Incorporate dried hydrangeas, wheat stalks, or branches with colorful fall leaves into your arrangements. These natural elements will add a touch of elegance and charm to your home.


Christmas and winter are magical times of the year when you can create a cozy and festive atmosphere in your home. Whether you celebrate Christmas or simply want to embrace the beauty of the winter season, here are some decorating tips to infuse your home with holiday cheer:

  • Festive color palette: Incorporate a classic color palette of red, green, and gold to create a traditional Christmas look. Use these colors in your ornaments, wreaths, ribbons, and table settings. For a more modern and sophisticated approach, consider a winter wonderland theme with icy blues, silver, and white accents.
  • Christmas tree as the centerpiece: The Christmas tree is the star of holiday décor. Choose a real or artificial tree and decorate it with a mix of ornaments, lights, and garlands. Add a tree topper to complete the look. Whether you prefer a themed tree or a collection of sentimental ornaments, let your tree reflect your personal style and create a focal point in your living room.
  • Cozy and warm textiles: Embrace the chilly winter weather by incorporating cozy textiles into your home décor. Layer your sofas and chairs with plush blankets, faux fur throws, and knit pillows. Swap out lightweight curtains for heavier drapes to add warmth and insulation. Consider adding a soft and luxurious area rug to create a cozy space for your family and guests.
  • Twinkling lights: String lights are an essential part of holiday and winter décor. Use them to adorn your Christmas tree, hang them around windows, or drape them along staircases. Twinkling lights add a magical touch and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can also use candles, lanterns, or LED tea lights to add a soft and cozy glow.
  • Seasonal wreaths and garlands: Adorn your doors, windows, and mantel with seasonal wreaths and garlands. Use evergreen branches, pinecones, berries, or ornaments to create a beautiful and fragrant display. Hang a wreath on your front door to welcome guests, and drape garlands along banisters or mantels for a festive touch.
  • Holiday table setting: Create a stunning table setting for holiday meals and gatherings. Use a tablecloth or runner in a festive pattern or color. Incorporate elegant dinnerware, sparkling glassware, and festive napkins. Add a centerpiece of fresh flowers, candles, or a decorative holiday arrangement to complete the look. Personalize each place setting with name cards or small ornaments as a thoughtful touch.

I hope this in-depth guide on how to easily transition seasonal décor in your home helps you embrace the seasons to come! Happy decorating!

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