How To Revamp Your Back Patio With Only 4 Products: Little Cost, BIG Impact

budget patio decor ideas

Hi ya’ll! This past weekend I started getting my back patio ready for some cool crisp fall nights and I am in love with the outcome! So I thought I’d share with you the products and process that made this vision come alive!

If you’re new here, I’m obsessed with home decor but even more so when it is budget-friendly! I love cost-effective items that produce a big impact/change to a space and this backyard oasis is it! So let’s get into the deets!

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~ Products ~

budget back patio decor

Ya’ll know I LOVE a good deal and this tabletop fire pit from Big Lots was no exception! They were having their end-of-summer patio sale and I scored this pit for only $50! It was originally $145. I always buy anything patio at the end of summer to save some moolah and I’m so glad I found this goody!

Fire pits always add that elemental ambiance and make any space so much more cozy, warm, and inviting. It’s the perfect outdoor centerpiece for entertaining guests and cuddling up with your significant other or a good book! If you want to make a big impact change to your patio; add a fire pit.

budget back patio decor

I love the romantic look that sheer white curtains bring to any space. Plus, they help block out all those pesky mosquitos! Even better, they are very inexpensive. No matter what the height or width of your patio, sheer white curtains will be budget-friendly. I bought these for $20, a set of 2 at 120 inches long.

In addition, they look so magical with those fairy lights. The pair are indeed a perfect match!

The curtain lights were only $11! I love that they are plug-in so you don’t go through a bunch of batteries AND they have different settings for types of “twinkles” or none if you prefer.

I will say this. Do NOT unravel these lights until you have them hung! Don’t be like me. I was impatient (per usual) and unraveled them because I just had to see how pretty they were before hubby had a chance to hang them.

The wire is similar to fishing wire so they will be a tangled mess SO easily. It’s also best not to attach them to the curtain track because they will lead to tangling. Instead, hang them separately in front of the curtains inside the patio.

budget outdoor patio decor
budget back patio decor
outdoor patio decor
budget back patio decor

As you can see in the photo above the curtain lights are hung in front of the sheer curtains.

Now moving on to the curtain tracks, I was instantly in love with the cost-effective practicality of them! My patio is longer than the majority of curtain rods and I definitely did not want to spend over $100 for a curtain rod that was long enough. These curtain tracks only set me back $36. They are bendable so they can cover corners as well!

Be prepared to not be able to hang these immediately as it does take up to 24 hours for the curtain tracks to lay straight before they can be hung. They come coiled up so you have to put them in hot water for a few minutes and then lay them out straight with something on top weighing them down.

I will say I did not wait that long. 7 hours was perfectly doable for us to hang them.

One thing I did not like about them is that when the wind blows, the curtains slide over to the ends of our patio. I’m currently looking for a solution for this.

budget patio decor
backyard patio decor
backyard patio decor

Once it was all set up, it became a back patio oasis instantly as the fire pit was lit! I love what a simple, cost-effective addition this was to our back patio. It’s so beautiful at night relaxing with your favorite beverage while listening to the crickets do their thang. These 4 products made such a HUGE impact on our back patio.

This proves you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to create a beautiful space that’s warm and inviting. You just need the right elements to bring it all together. Little cost, BIG impact.

Have any favorite products or decor ideas that have made a BIG impact in your home? Share in the comments below! As always, happy decorating!

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