simple pumpkin painting ideas

In this post I cover 13 simple pumpkin painting ideas that will take your fall décor to the next level! In addition, I cover materials needed as well as a some quick tips for a flawless finish. Let’s get crafty!

Simple pumpkin painting ideas

As a southerner in the deep, humid south, I very much look forward to the fall season. I love doing crafts with the kids, decorating, and cooking traditional as well as new recipes. One new DIY trend that I’m a fan of are simple pumpkin painting ideas.

If you are not a fan of the mess and labor of carving pumpkins, then this trend is right up your ally! I like to give my boys their own pumpkin to paint freely as they wish and then set aside some for my own decorative projects.

The creativity is truly endless and these ideas are simple so no need to be a Picasso. Also, you can use some cheap faux pumpkins from a local dollar store to paint as well and use every year.

In this post I share some unique, classic, and fresh takes on pumpkin decorating as well as helpful tips and materials used. So let’s get into it!

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Materials Needed


  1. Acrylic Paints – They are water-based, quick-drying, and provide vibrant colors. Acrylic paints adhere well to the pumpkin surface.
  2. Spray Paints– Help provide an even base coat quickly and come in a variety of finishes (matte, glossy, metallic). Be sure to be in a well-ventilated area when using spray paints.

Brushes and Applicators

  1. Synthetic Brushes – Durable and suitable for various paint types, especially acrylic.
  2. Foam Brushes and Rollers – Great for covering larger areas smoothly and evenly.
  3. Detail Brushes – Perfect for fine lines and intricate designs.

Markers and Pens

  1. Paint Markers – Provide precision for detailed designs, come in various colors, and are easy to use.
  2. Permanent Markers – These are good for outlines and small details if you have some lying around the house. Though they might not be as vibrant or long-lasting as paint markers.


  1. Clear Acrylic Sealant Spray – Protects the painted pumpkin from weather and extends its life. Also, be sure to be in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Mod Podge – If you are looking for a glossy finish, this is a good option that also acts as a sealant. However, it does require careful application to avoid a streaky mess.

Additional Materials

  1. Stencils – These are great at helping to create consistent and professional-looking designs.
  2. Painter’s Tape – If you are looking to create straight lines, this is a good option for protecting areas that you don’t want painted.
  3. Glitter and Glue – This helps add some sparkle and texture to your designs.
  4. News Paper or Plastic Covering – This is definitely a must to keep your floors or tables free from paint spills.

Quick Tips for Painting Pumpkins

  1. Preparation: For a smooth application, be sure to clean the pumpkin with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly before painting.
  2. Design Planning: If you are not using a stencil, draw on the pumpkin with a pencil first.
  3. Base Coat: Depending on the design you are going for, consider applying a white or neutral base coat to help the colors stand out.
  4. Drying Time: Make sure to allow each layer of paint to dry completely before applying another layer or sealant.

Using these products and tips will help you create beautifully painted pumpkins that can last through the season!

simple pumpkin painting ideas

13 Simple Pumpkin Painting Ideas

1. Patterned Shades of Blue

This is a fresh take on pumpkin décor. The blue and white combo is trending this year and with this, you don’t have to swap out all of your décor for fall colors. It ties in well with the color scheme as it is!

2. Floral Art

I love the fresh combination of the floral designs with the gold painted stems. Floral stencils can help make this paint job a breeze.

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simple pumpkin painting ideas

3. Halloween Ghouls

This tailors to the classic, fun side of Halloween. This contrasting color combination works well together too making it more dynamic.

4. Sweet Like Candy

The color pinwheel of pastels makes for a super simple way to add a unique touch to your pumpkins. The gold painted stems add a bit of glam to the bright colors.

5. Pretty in Pink

Soft pinks, browns, and tans make for a cute and unique pumpkin color combination. This is another design that would be easy to do with stencils.

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simple pumpkin painting ideas

6. Silly Faces

For a light hearted and fun pumpkin theme, painting silly faces is a nod to the traditional jack-o-lanterns.

For more pumpkin inspired humor, click HERE.

7. Bats, Bats, And More Bats

This simple pumpkin painting idea is pretty straight forward. The key to this look is to put the larger bat designs upfront and gradually decrease the size for a more interesting look.

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simple pumpkin painting ideas

8. Lashes On Fleek

This is the most simple of the bunch but non the less cute!

9. Classic Orange and Black

This simple design uses the pumpkins curves as a guide and the contrast of colors create a more visually appealing look.

10. Metallic Goals

This is my personal favorite of the simple pumpkin painting ideas. I’m a sucker for glam, sparkly anything!

My husband calls me a barracuda for my love of shiny sparkly things! I’m a fan of the soft gold, silver, and white color combination. The various sizes also help create more contrast.

11. Colorful Leopard Prints

This is for those who love a bit of glam and pops of color. It’s a fun take on leopard print as well.

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simple pumpkin painting ideas

12. Pops of Color and Gold Accents

This idea has such an artistic flare to it. Reminds me of an abstract painting. No stencils are needed here!

13. Celestial Gourds

This idea gives tailors to a witchy vibe for Halloween. It puts a modern yet glam twist with the peach, white, and metallic gold combo. It is simple yet makes a beautiful statement!

Choosing 3 different sizes for each color compliments this look well.

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I hope these simple pumpkin painting ideas helped inspire you! Have fun and get creative with this festive DIY project as the possibilities are truly endless. It’s also a fun project to involve the littles with while creating fun memories during the season. Happy Decorating!

~ Olivia Jay

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