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Spring has sprung and with Summer just around the corner, it’s time to get that patio ready! We’ve got cookouts, entertaining, and summer vibes on the brain; these patio décor ideas do not fall short of that!

I’m generally a fall-time gal, but I do love the anticipation of Summer festivities and the process of revamping my patio for hosting get-togethers along with cookouts. In this post, I go over key elements that make a patio inviting and perfect for hosting guests.

When decorating any space or room in your home, the very first step is deciding what kind of atmosphere you want the space to exude. For patio décor, I’m always going for a festive party look because that’s what I want to use that area for.

So it’s got to match the energy that you want there. Once you do that, everything else falls into place effortlessly!

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16 Patio Decor Ideas To Try This Summer

1. Get The Popcorn Ready

Okay so this one is technically not a décor idea, but man does it add to the festive atmosphere! A projector is an awesome way to create fun memories with the little ones, entertain guests, or have a special date night with your partner.

It gives the drive-in movie vibes in the comfort of your home which I personally love because I’m such a homebody. Sitting by a fire pit making smores or hotdogs under the stars while your favorite Summer movie plays is a great way to turn around a mundane night.

2. Lights, Lights, and More Lights!

To put a festive pulse in any space during the evening, it is practically mandatory to invest in some outdoor string lights! It’s such a cost-effective way to bring ambiance to your patio. They have boo-koos of options these days to choose from.

One that I’m eager to try out this year is the curtain lights. I love curtains and I love lights, so I’m all in! Hanging paper lanterns are also a fun way to implement lights.

Go ahead and have fun and get creative with them! Don’t be afraid to try something new. With all the different styles, colors, and ways to hang them these days, the options are endless!

I recommend looking on Pinterest for some fresh ideas that will inspire. Hmm…That sounds like another great blog idea…

3. Lanterns For The Win

Lanterns always add an interesting, dynamic, and eclectic touch to an outdoor space. You can place large ones on the ground by your patio furniture for added ambiance or have them hanging from the patio ceiling.

You don’t need them to be all matchy either! There are different shapes, sizes, and styles, hanging from the ceiling. It’s best to hang them at different lengths for a more interesting look.

I personally favor Moroccan lanterns. They come in such cool varieties and they’re always fun to find in thrift stores, garage sales, or big box stores like Marshalls.

4. Fountains

Fountains always add a serene touch to any space! Adding different elements such as earth, fire, and water creates a dynamic look that elevates the mood. Plus, I just love listening to the peaceful sound of water trickling as I sip on my morning coffee.

**Tip** An interesting way to spruce up a water fountain is to add flowers and lights to it! I like to cut a few of my hydrangea heads and have them floating around in my fountain’s tiers.

5. Greenery

A simple palm tree or potted hydrangea will add so much life to a patio! Hanging ferns are also a classic and effective plant to add to your outdoor space. Looking at this photo above, if you imagine all of the plants taken out of the shot, you’ll realize just how empty and blah it looks compared to having the greenery present.

You can even add some plants that double their purpose by keeping mosquitos and gnats at bay.

6. Add A Touch Of Tiki

patio decor ideas

Tiki torches are a classic for good reason! They can even help keep those pesky mosquitos at bay as they also add a party ambiance to your outdoor space. If you haven’t guessed by now, yes mosquitos and gnats are my enemy…

There are so many different styles now to choose from. The one pictured above I bought at Walmart a few years ago. I liked it since it was a little different from the usual tiki torch style.

7. Curtains

patio decor ideas

Curtains are by far my most favorite item to add to a patio! They are not only beautiful but functional as well and complement the look of your patio lights. They help keep the bugs out, add a romantic feel to your space, and can help block out the weather so you can continue to enjoy your patio.

The photo above would look a lot less inviting if the curtains were not present.

**Tip** An awesome product I recently discovered that will change the way you hang curtains outside is these flexible curtain tracks on Amazon! They are so much more budget-friendly than a huge curtain rod that will reach across your patio AND you do not need to try to build a custom curved rod for your patio corners because they are bendable! Win-win!

8. Sectionals

patio decor ideas

Sectionals have gained an immense amount of popularity over the last few years. They are excellent as a conversation lounge area for guests and perfect for encompassing a nice fire pit. The structure is inviting and it says “gather”.

A lot of them also have flexible configuration options. You can put it together as one unit, or split it up with separate seating.

9. A Table Set For Two…Or Ten

If you are fortunate enough to have a backyard area that is not plagued by bugs flying around, then outdoor dining is a great way to entertain guests, enjoy a meal outdoors, and add some décor to your patio.

A nicely set table pulls together any space and inspires brunch with friends as well as garden parties. I’m envious of those who can dine peacefully in their backyards without flies and mosquitos assaulting them. I vow that my next home is NOT going to be by a bayou…ya live and learn. Anyways,

Some decorative elements to add to elevate your outdoor dining table include:

  • Tea Candles
  • Decorative Table Runner
  • A Floral Center Piece
  • Decorative Napkins
  • Flower Petals
  • Matching Dish Sets

10. A Place For Drinks

patio decor ideas

A cold beverage is a staple to any patio setting. Whether it’s a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade or a fruity cocktail, you and guests alike will want something handy to keep them cool and fresh!

It’s a great way to keep a cold drink handy without having to make multiple trips inside the fridge so you can stay host with your guests! With there being so many different styles and colors that a drink cooler can come in, you will surely find one that fits your patio’s décor.

**Tip** A bit off-topic concerning home décor, but if you have a glass of wine or cocktail you want to keep cold and crisp without diluting it, add some frozen grapes or berries to it.

11. Fire Power

Often, the fire pit is the star of the show when concerning patio entertainment. Nothing brings people together better than sitting around an ambient fire pit, telling stories, and sipping cocktails! I prefer a pit that uses propane AND also conceals the tank.

Be sure to look at the fire pit features and make sure the propane tank is concealed within the pit. If not, then it will be quite an eye soar and add clutter to your patio. We don’t want that!

12. Trellis Goals

If you just have a slab out back with no patio ceiling, there is an option! If you are handy, build a trellis! They are sturdier than your standard outdoor canopies that get blown away or twisted into a mangled metal mess (been there) and they make a cool way to add greenery and lights to the mix.

A good trellis can last a long time and provide cool shade. One of these days, I’m going to get my hubby to build us a trellis and have Wisteria grow on top. They are so beautiful with how their blooms hang down and Wisterias have a nice fragrant smell to them!

**Tip** If you don’t want to wait for a vine to grow on top of your trellis for added shade, there are artificial blankets of vine that you can hang! Plus, they won’t shed leaves.

13. Pillows And Rugs

Pillows and rugs! I will preach these décor essentials till the day I die. They belong in every room and the outdoors is no exception. Just make sure that your pillows and rugs are specifically made for the outdoor elements so they can hold their value longer.

The same principles apply outdoors as they do indoors. You will want to make sure to have a rug that fits the area properly and have a mixture of patterns and solids with your pillows for added interest.

Rugs anchor the space and add a profound use of color while pillows accentuate and fill your space as they add an inviting look to your furniture. Trust me, it will all look unfinished and empty without these decorative items.

14. Greenery Wall Back Drop

“Grass walls” with neon signs are a newer trend going around that I love! This Summer I’m going to get this going on in my backyard as well. It can of course be real vine or faux vine and you can add any cool neon sign to it that speaks to you.

This idea will give your patio and/or backyard a trendy look that guests will enjoy! It will also create a nice backdrop to take photos in front of as well.

Not only will it be a hit for the Summer, but it can add a festive look to any birthday, gender reveal, baby shower, bridal shower, etc. You can even get a custom neon sign made with anything to your liking! Such as your family’s last name, your favorite word, phrase, or something that represents a special occasion that you are celebrating. It’s a wonderful festive trend that you can make your own.

15. Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are one of the most popular trends right now for patio decorating and it’s easy to see why! There are so many creative ways to implement a vertical garden and they can range from purely decorative to functional with herbs for cooking and grilling.

Additional Notes

There are a few things that sometimes people overlook that devalue your patio space. Here are some quick pointers to look out for and update!

  • Switch out your old door mats with fresh new ones
  • Paint your patio concrete and wood
  • Update the look of your existing patio furniture by spray painting the metal frame with Rust-Oleum
  • Clean your grill and fire pit well
  • Update patio seating with new chair cushions and pillows

All of these patio décor ideas will make your outdoor space not only ready for Summer but also the life of the party! I hope this post inspired you to make your patio all that it can be. Happy decorating!


Olivia Jay

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