Welcome to my Product Recommendations Page where I share my MOST favorite home decor items that you will see throughout my blog. Below I list items I’ve lucked up on that have stood the test of time AND are budget-friendly compared to other brands!

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Favorite Textiles

Genimo Washable Rugs

washable rugs
washable rugs

These washable rugs are my latest favorite discovery. They are truly non-slip, easily spot-cleaned, washable, lightweight, durable, AND are a fraction of the cost of other leading washable rugs.

In addition to the lower price tag, Genimo offers sales up to %50 off and coupons!

To read my complete product review of Genimo washable rugs, click HERE.

Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtains

home bedroom refresh
home bedroom refresh

These blackout curtains are affordable and the perfect way to get that romantic flowy look but also effectively block out the sun.

I also like that they come with tie-backs and you can tie the front sheer layer for a different look. In addition, they have 4 different sizes and 25 color options available to match your decor. I bought mine in “light grey” as pictured.

Home Accessories

LAMORGIFT 3 Pcs Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

It’s hard to find a good deal on decorative lanterns these days but these by lamorgift on Amazon come at a better price and have sales often. When looking for lanterns at a good price, they are often too small, but these are a good size.

They also come in 3 different finishes. I purchased these in the champagne gold finish and love em’! They look so elegant and reflect candle light beautifully.

Kitchen Decor

Hand Made Custom Stove Top Board

I found this customizable stove top cover on Etsy at a fair price and I was happy with the finished product. It was cheaper than some of the other options on Etsy and came with various options to choose from such as wood color, design style, and type of handles.

It’s a great way to cover up old stove burners while adding a personal touch to your kitchen.

Bathroom Accents

Monogrammed Disposable Napkins 56pk

I love these disposable napkins because they help keep your decorative hand towels untouched, give a fancy hotel vibe to your bathroom, and leave an impression on guests.

The pack lasts me for a while too and they are also well-made.

Turkish Cotton Towels

I absolutely love the look of these Turkish cotton towels by SKL Home Mirage. My kids call them the “fancy towels”. At 54″L and 28″W, they are larger than most towels and have a luxurious soft feel to them.

At around $26 each they are on the pricier side, but they hold up after washes and absorb well.

SKL Turkish Cotton Hand Towels (2 pack)

These hand towels make a beautiful addition to your bathroom for hand towel racks and layer on top of SKL Turkish towels for a complete look. I always get compliments on these beauts!

Drift Away Damask Curtains

These Damask curtains have a classic aesthetic that is also not too over the top. It gives the bathroom a nice, cohesive, “finished” look without being too basic or overstated.

They are also perfect for kitchens and laundry rooms, and anywhere that has small windows! The fabric has a silky, expensive feel to it, but these will only put you back $25.

Outdoor Essentials

ZAIYW Curtain Lights

I have tried two other different kinds of curtain lights but these “ticked” the boxes. They came in the length I needed AND were at the budget that I was looking for. The strands aren’t too “wirey” and thin like some counterparts I’ve tried, so they won’t tangle as easily once they are hung. Installation is also simple.

They also come with a remote that has color-changing abilities. I paired mine with sheer white curtains on my back patio and they look gorgeous at night!

Mini Submersible LED Lights

These submersible LED lights are a great, inexpensive night-time edition to our 3 tiered water fountain. You can control the colors with the remote, put them in ponds, pools, lanterns for added decorative lighting, centerpieces, and even pumpkins for Halloween.

CEWOR 9pcs Artificial Flowers, UV Resistant

I love the look of flowers on a front porch but unfortunately, the sun beats down on the front of my house for the majority of the day and scorches everything in sight. I came across these budget-friendly faux flowers that claimed to be UV-resistant so I had to give them a try.

After 3 months of summer sun, they are still holding up AND have yet to fade! I’ve found that at $12 a bundle, you get more bang for your buck than opting for the dollar store’s single-stem options.