thanksgiving day dinner table
thanksgiving day dinner table

Hi ya’ll! It’s November 2nd, and with Halloween behind us, it is all about preparing for that much-anticipated Thanksgiving feast! With that in mind, the table is the star of the show home decor-wise. A well-decorated Thanksgiving day dinner table is a simple way to wow your guests and elevate the feast to a whole new level.

You don’t need to spend a whole bunch of money to create a beautiful table setting. (The dinner is already doing that with the cost of groceries). In this post, I will not only share inspirational table settings but also budget-friendly products that will effortlessly elevate your table, without breaking the bank!

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thanksgiving day dinner table

– The Break Down –

  • Garland and or table runner
  • Tall candle sticks varying in size paired with small teacup candles for a dynamic look
  • Pumpkins varying in size are scattered across the garland as accents or centerpieces
  • A plate charger or placemat
  • A plate topped with a smaller plate
  • Napkins with napkin holders
  • A word place card with a touch of foliage on top of the plate that complements the garland in use

** Click here for a helpful visual guide to formal and casual table settings**

Now for the schemes! Take a look at these timeless and trending Thanksgiving table-setting ideas from Pinterest and get inspired!

10 Thanksgiving Day Dinner Table Ideas

1. Copper, White, and Green

Copper is in and it’s timeless! It blends so effortlessly with other natural elements and patterns as seen above.

I love this look as it is a fresh, natural take for a Thanksgiving feast but with a bit more flare added with the rich copper hues and the dried oranges that complement them.

This look comes together so well with layering the place settings. If it was just a plate on the table, it wouldn’t look as polished or well put together.

Plate chargers/placemats paired with 2 different-sized plates and topped with a napkin give such a thoughtful approach to your guests’ dining experience.

You can’t go wrong pairing wood, green foliage, whites, and rich coppers together!

2. Blue and Orange Combo

This is such a rich and vibrant take on table-setting. Deep blue hues mixed with orange create a unique, eye-catching table design!

The velvet pumpkins add depth and richness to this setting while the fresh blossoming flowers add a touch of nature and freshness to the look.

Again, we are seeing lots of layers at the plate settings. These layers compliment the centerpiece and add so much more dynamic depth to the look that will leave a “wow” impression!

3. Natural Eucalyptus

This natural setting is perfect for a more minimalistic approach that is still well-decorated. This look is paired with a beige cheesecloth, a faux eucalyptus vine, small white pumpkins, braided chargers, and sparsely spaced tall candles.

This season, we are seeing a lot of those tall skinny candle sticks, eucalyptus, and braided chargers. I love how the tall candles help raise the look up a bit, keeping it from looking too flat.

It’s a balance that creates a more interesting look combining small candles along with tall candles.

4. Matt Blacks and Wheat

This is a beautiful modern look with natural components that help infuse the essence of fall. Matt black, beige, and white are a minimalist dream!

As you can see the foliage from the center is placed on the guests’ plates for a thoughtful decorative touch that helps tie in the look.

The presence of fabric pumpkins and wheat helps cozy up the hard matt black creating a cohesive balance and feel to this table setting.

Also, the sliced wooden plate chargers help add a natural touch while adding dynamic layers to the place settings.

5. Buffalo Plaid

I love how versatile and timeless buffalo plaid is. It pairs well with a variety of foliage and color schemes. Here, the added cotton and faux antlers add a natural element to the setting along with the braided plate chargers.

There are also a variety of pumpkin sizes added for filler and for more interest. Pumpkins are proving to be a staple this season for table decorating and for good reason!

With so many different options of pumpkin textures, colors, patterns, and sizes, you can find one that will go with just about any look.

6. Small Pumpkins and Word Place Cards

I love the added touch of a word place card. Plus, they are an inexpensive addition that leaves a big impact on your guests! The pumpkin fills in the void of the plate well and the blue napkin breaks up all the white that is going on for a dynamic look.

7. Whimsical

To create this beautiful whimsical tablescape, a lot of greenery is involved! The thicker the garland the better! You can see greenery is also added to the napkin holders and in between plates to fill in that void.

There are pine cones and green/white pumpkins added to the mix to add that Thanksgiving flare.

The wide cream table runner helps ground the look and makes the garland pop more than it would have against the dark wood of the table.

I like the mix of different colored plates that help break up the greenery but also play off the color scheme well.

8. Vibrant Jewel Tones

This gorgeous jewel-tone table setting is a colorful twist on the traditional Thanksgiving tablescape! I can easily see some peacock feathers being added to the mix as well for a fun look. The rich hues of gold, deep blues, purples, and turquoise mix well with the greenery and white pumpkins.

9. Pumpkins Galore

Pumpkins pumpkins and more pumpkins! They make such a beautiful and festive centerpiece for any Thanksgiving day dinner table!

Plus, they are an easy centerpiece to assemble with the largest pumpkins in the center and smaller ones on the outer that taper off down the table.

Again we are seeing natural elements such as faux deer antlers and eucalyptus. A cheesecloth runner ties in well with natural elements making it the perfect choice for this tablescape. The tall candles help intertwine nature with elegance

10. Terracotta and Eucalyptus

Terracotta orange is a beautiful vibrant color that captures the essence of fall! It pops with greens, blues, and whites alike. The color is so robust that you do not need a whole lot at the table setting itself. This in itself makes it a very cost-effective choice.

Creating a memorable Thanksgiving day dinner table is not just about the food, but also about the ambiance, warmth, and gratitude it fosters. The table is where friends and family come together to celebrate and give thanks, and with the right decor and setting, you can elevate the entire experience!

From rustic simplicity to modern elegance, from nature-inspired designs to whimsical creativity, there are countless ways to make your Thanksgiving table a reflection of your unique style and the spirit of the holiday.

So, whether you opt for a classic, timeless look or push the boundaries of tradition, remember that the most important ingredient is the love and appreciation you share with your loved ones.

This Thanksgiving, let your table symbolize togetherness, warmth, and gratitude, and may it serve as a beautiful backdrop for the cherished memories you’ll create with family and friends. I wish you and yours a joyous Thanksgiving celebration!

– Olivia Jay

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