Simple DIY Chandelier

Hey guys! Thought I’d share a quick and simple DIY chandelier project that I did this past 4th of July weekend. If you’re new here, just know that we don’t like overly complicated projects. Hats off to anyone who does, but I like to keep my projects simple and inexpensive. So you know that any DIY projects that I post on here if I can do it, you certainly can too!

I’m revamping my dining room area and this was the first project I undertook. I wanted a crystal chandelier but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one. Redoing the dining room is going to be costly enough so I like to save when I can.

Without further ado here is a simple DIY chandelier guide on how to transform your light fixture in 6 easy steps!

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The materials used for this project are minimal and inexpensive, just the way I like it! Of course, you can always change up the products used to suit your specific needs or the look you are going for, but I’m going to share exactly what I used to achieve this look as well as the cost, and my thoughts on the products themselves.

  1. Chandelier Light Fixture: I already had one on hand hanging in my dining room so no cost here. If you don’t have one you want to use, keep a look out for one on FB Buying/Selling Groups, yard sales, or thrift stores.
  2. 1 Cardboard Box: Any simple cardboard box broken down will do as long as it’s large enough
  3. 1 Can of Rustoleum Spray Paint(Color – Metallic Silver)$6: I love the diversity of color options as well as the price of this product. However, I will note that it does scratch off easily which I will show and talk more about further down. There might be a Rustoleum product that’s better suited for covering metals than the one I used. Live and learn!
  4. 2 Packs of Candelabra Light Bulbs $6: I found some at the Dollar Store for $3 for a pack of 4. I needed 5 so I had to purchase a second pack. This is fine since I will need some replacements when the bulbs inevitably blow out.
  5. 1 Pack of Acrylic Bead Strands $20: No complaints on this purchase! Completely happy with it. I went with acrylic to save on cost, but I find them still pretty and sparkly! Order Here
  6. 2 Packs of Hanging Maple Leaf Acrylic Crystals $20: Again these are acrylic. I really like the shape of the maple leaf which is why I chose these. They are $9.99 for a pack of 30. Not bad! However, the first pack I ordered only 20 came in. For the second pack, I received the full 30. If not for that, I would say 5/5. I also like to note that I made sure each crystal I purchased had a bendable change for ease of attaching to the chandelier. Order Here

Total Cost: $52

Step 1: Set Up Spray Area


Once you have your chosen light fixture, go outside and place your light on a cardboard box. I find cardboard the best option for this type of product because of the weight of light fixtures. It is a sturdy material compared to newspapers.

When using spray paint, always make sure to be outdoors for proper ventilation. Also, make sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting painted on. The wind will blow the spray around and it can get messy! I’ve learned this the hard way…

Step 2: Remove Bulb Covers

Simple DIY Chandelier

I knew for a true and classic crystal chandelier look I had to get rid of the light bulb covers. So off they went!

Step 3: Spray Paint

Simple DIY Chandelier

Make sure to follow all guidelines while using the spray paint.

Step 4: Attach Crystals

DIY Chandelier

This part, I’m not gonna lie, I was initially a little intimidated by it. But it turned out to be a lot easier than anticipated! What I did was I looked up a chandelier on Pinterest that I liked with the look I was going for and sort of followed the design of it.

I used the bead strands to outline the fixture and create swags between each arm. I counted the beads to make sure the swags were even. Like for every 24 beads I’d hook it to the arm base. The metal clasps are like a key chain holder but a lot more bendable.

As you can see, the paint scratched off a bit from the metal clasps as I was attaching them. But when I hung the chandelier, they weren’t visible so I didn’t mind it.

Step 5: Change Light Bulbs


Almost there! The round bulbs were just not going to cut it. It made it look tacky overall so you will need to switch out the bulbs to a candelabra style to achieve a traditional chandelier look.

This is where I also noticed it could use a few more maple leaf crystals to beef it up a bit so I ordered the second pack and hung some by the bulbs and on the swags. Again, I counted the beads on the swags to ensure they were being hung evenly. I attached one for every 4th bead up from the maple leaf. This filled in the chandelier a lot better.

– The Final Look –

DIY Chandelier

There it is! I’m so proud of it. I love it when low-budget meets grand. I’m eventually going to add a ceiling medallion to elevate the look even further. If you have any questions or comments about this DIY project, comment below! I’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns. 🙂

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