In this post, I will share my favorite DIY flower bouquet hack that will elevate your bouquet game with artificial flowers.

diy flower bouquet

And I’m constantly looking for low-cost ways to reflect that in my home (without the pollen). It’s the season of regrowth, rejuvenation, and life! What better way to epitomize the essence of Spring than to bring a little green scenery into your home?

In this post, I will cover a couple of easy DIY bouquet hacks step by step I’ve recently tried out that have upped my floral game!

What I love about these simple DIY hacks the most is the versatility that is offered. You can create practically any bouquet style you like at a fraction of the cost. Spray painting inexpensive clear or old vases save cash.

Also, you won’t spend hours scouring the internet trying to find that one vase or premade floral arrangement.

With all the paint options from matte, gloss, textured, a variety of colors, and even top coats such as glitter or iridescent; the possibilities are endless!

Quick Arrangement Tips

  1. Choose a Focal Point: Start with one or two standout flowers as the focal point and build around them. This helps to anchor your arrangement.
  2. Consider Color and Texture: Use a mix of colors and textures to add interest. Complementary colors can create a striking effect, while a monochromatic palette can be elegant and soothing.
  3. Vary Heights and Shapes: Mix flowers of different heights and shapes to create depth and dimension. Place taller flowers towards the center or back and shorter ones towards the edges.
  4. Use Greenery: Foliage adds fullness and helps to frame the flowers. It can also provide a nice contrast to the blooms.
  5. Choose the Right Vase: Ensure your vase is proportional to the arrangement. A wide-mouthed vase is great for a fuller, more spread-out look, while a narrow vase can support taller, more vertical arrangements.
  6. Trim Stems at an Angle: Cutting the stems at a 45-degree angle increases the surface area for water absorption, helping the flowers stay fresh longer.
  7. Remove Lower Leaves: Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline to prevent bacteria growth, which can shorten the life of your flowers.
  8. Balance and Symmetry: Aim for a balanced look but don’t be afraid of asymmetry for a more natural and modern appearance.
  9. Fill Gaps: Use smaller filler flowers like baby’s breath, statice, or wax flowers to fill in any gaps and give your arrangement a fuller look.
  10. Rotate Your Arrangement: While arranging, turn the vase to ensure it looks good from all angles.
  11. Think Seasonally: Use seasonal flowers for the best quality and price, and to keep your arrangement timely and appropriate.

Experimenting with these tips can help you create stunning floral arrangements for any occasion!

Project #1 – Floor Vase



DIY flower bouquet
DIY flower bouquet

Project #2 – Small Vase



diy flower bouquet
DIY flower bouquet

Tall Vase – Step 1

diy flower bouquet

Go ahead and gather your goods! I recommend doing these little projects outside for ventilation purposes and to prevent spray paint mishaps from getting everywhere inside.

Paper towels or newspapers will do fine to position the vase on. Also, be sure to wear clothes that you are not that attached to. The wind will forsake you as it did me! (Lesson learned)

For this, I chose an old vase I had around the house already. I still appreciated the style and design of it, however, I wanted to light up the dark, heavier look that it had.

To do this, I opted for a creamy white matte paint for a cleaner, more modern look. This project put me out at about $15 at Walmart. With the spray paint being the most expensive. But, I will get more uses out of it with my second project so it was well worth the $6 investment.

Step 2

Next step, position the vase upward for ease of paint application. Apply the paint with even up and down strokes. Let dry for a few minutes and apply a second coat. Notice my lil’ fur baby, Daisy, in the background being nosy as always!

Step 3

diy flower bouquet

Once you have applied the second coat, let it dry for about an hour. It can take a bit and you do not want any chipping. Also, try to keep the bugs away from your vase. They do not make for great ornaments. A fan could help with keeping the bugs at bay!

Step 4

diy flower bouquet

If you can’t find a bouquet block that fits exactly into your vase, no worries! Just cut it in a way that will fit. Make sure you keep a little room to play with on the ends so that it doesn’t just fall straight down the hole.

Once you have them sized accordingly, go ahead and take them out to drive your faux plant stems through.

The foam blocks can be a little tough to penetrate, so you will need to take them out of the vase before doing so.

Also, don’t mind that unsightly exposed foam blocks. If your arrangement doesn’t cover them to your liking, you can always add a little faux planter coverage.

Step 5

diy flower bouquet

Look at how much better it is positioned and how flattering the arrangement is now! I’ll probably add a few more flowers in there for a fuller look but you get the idea.

This simple hack really was a game-changer for my floral needs! They can always add up quickly, especially if you are trying to get a more trendy item or longer-stemmed faux flowers.

But with this simple DIY hack, you don’t need to hunt down stems that are long enough or hassle with them flopping around aimlessly in the vase. The green Styrofoam allows more control and versatility to your bouquet creations.

Small Vase – Step 1

diy flower bouquet

To begin with, get an inexpensive clear vase, your choice of spray paint, as well as flowers. They can be faux or the real deal. This whole project put me out about $7 including tax at Walmart.

Not too shabby! I’m not adding in the cost of the spray paint because I’ve already added that cost to the first project above, and I’m getting multiple uses out of it.

  1. Clear Vase -$3
  2. Faux Roses – $0.99 Each

Step 2

diy flower bouquet

Next, we spray paint just like we did before with the vase standing upward and applying even up and down strokes. Make sure you give it plenty of time to dry.

If you can, keep it in an area where there are no kamikaze bugs flying around like I had. I live close to a bayou so the gnats are insane!

Step 3

diy flower bouquet

And voila! There you have it! An inexpensive vase that has been elevated in just a few quick and easy steps. This cute, simple arrangement can be showcased anywhere in your home!

From your bathroom, nightstand, foyer, etc.! I love adding florals to my kitchen counters/bar area, so I’m keeping this one. It would also look cute in a little serving tray with the candle in it as well.

Of course, you can make your bouquet more dynamic with different flowers and greenery combined. It can be faux or real.

I just opt for faux flowers because it is cheaper in the long run and I’m still trying to get my thumb green before I risk any more plant lives in my backyard.

I hope these DIY flower bouquet ideas helped and inspired you to start making your own beautiful bouquets! These are just a couple of simple, quick, and low-cost ways to add more flowers to your home décor. It’s amazing how a coat of matt paint can turn a $3 glass vase into one that looks like a $15 ceramic vase!

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