Get your front porch ready for the season of rejuvenation with these budget-friendly front porch decor ideas for Spring! These tips, tricks, and ideas are impactful and will revamp as well as elevate your home’s entryway. Whether your porch is large or small, get ready to make the most of your space this Spring!

Front Porch Decor Ideas For Spring

Spring is just around the corner and I can’t help but think of all the ways to spruce up the ol’ front porch! I love seeing all the new and colorful Spring decor that is out in stores now. Spring is all about rejuvenation, fresh starts, and COLOR. And I am here for it!

With that, not only are there so many budget-friendly ideas for getting your front porch ready for Spring, but in the spirit of Spring, updating a few things on your porch can give a facelift and totally refresh your space! All of these ideas are impactful and can be implemented in small and large porches alike! So let’s get into it!

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front porch decor ideas for spring

1. Layer Door Mats

Layered rugs are a great way to add interest and depth to your front porch. Retire that old, worn welcome mat and replace it with a fresh new trendy mat to welcome your guests! There are a ton of options to go off from so have fun and get creative with your rug and mat pairings.

Just be sure to be aware of the size dimensions so that the bottom one is at least 5 inches larger in width and height than the mat.

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2. Display Potted Plants

No brainer, I know. BUT let me introduce you to a new idea for those with no green thumb, a limited budget, and/or a front porch that faces the sun most of the day so your plants die. Some may find this tidbit sacrilegious, but I’m telling you it works. Instead of spending tons of money on real plants, opt for faux outdoor plants instead!

They have some really good ones on Amazon that look realistic and you get a good bit for $11-14! That way, you can have colorful flowers, but without the wilting from too much sun exposure or a not-so-green thumb!

My home faces the sun most of the day unfortunately so I haven’t been able to plant some of my favorite florals such as hydrangeas. But this is a game-changer!

I can now have those beautiful colors at a fraction of the cost. I’m sure they will fade after a couple of seasons, but they are so cost-efficient, that I don’t mind buying a new bunch each Spring.

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3. Hang A Spring Wreath

I am LOVING these wreaths on Etsy! They are pricey but there are ones on Amazon for cheaper that have the same look. This ribbon, the floras, and the large monogram are *chef’s kiss*

Front door swags are also making a statement on the trending stats. In addition, they are a good way to add a bit of privacy if you have a window on your door.

4. Buy New Pillow Covers

Each year the sun fades a lot of outdoor pillows and replacing the entire thing can be costly. That’s why I really like the cost-effectiveness of pillow covers. There are so many to choose from on Amazon at a fraction of the cost of an entirely new pillow. You can change them out as the seasons change. Just be aware of size dimensions.

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5. Have Fun With Spring Colors and Patterns

Spring is not the time to be afraid of a little color. Have fun with it and look on Pinterest for color schemes and pattern combo Ideas. If you imagine the picture above with just the plaid or just the yellow, it wouldn’t be as interesting. Combining both creatives a beautiful color dynamic that adds interest and leaves an impression!

Combine a solid color and another color that is patterned for a more balanced look. I like the checkered pattern pillows against the solid green.

6. Implement Wicker Baskets

There is something about wicker that is synonymous with Spring. It adds a cozy element and makes me think of picking flowers in a field. Not to get all the sound of music on you but you get the point!

And don’t stop at baskets, wicker furniture, plant holders, etc add to the feel as well.

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7. Lemons, Lemons, and More Lemons!

Lemons are a popular symbol of Spring! And with their refreshing properties and bursts of sunny yellow color, it’s no secret why! They are also so versatile when it comes to incorporating them onto your porch display. Here are some easy ways to add lemons to your Spring decor.

  • Fill lanterns with lemons
  • Place a bowl of lemons on a table
  • Add lemons to a wreath
  • Buy a faux or real potted lemon trees
  • Buy Lemon inspired textiles such as pillows, rugs, throws, door mats

Side note: I love the way all of the textiles work together above to create this gorgeous look! It’s proof you don’t have to be too “matchy” to make something look good together.

The dark door and greens compliment the bright cheery yellow colors perfectly here and make them pop as stars of the show.

8. Display Topiaries

Topiaries add that clear, crisp look to any space. If you are going for a more uniform look, invest in some topiaries whether real or faux, and add them to your front porch for a pop of greenery! I love the mini-white fence around the base pictured above. It elevates the planter’s base and adds a crisp freshness with the white.

9. Incorporate Rustic Antiques

This is the perfect excuse to take a trip to your favorite local antique shop! Or even hit up those Saturday yardsales.?There are a TON of creative ways to implement antiques onto your front porch this Spring!?Scower Pinterest for creative ideas or play around with what you have!

10. Hang Window Boxes

Window boxes are a classic way to inject the spirit of Spring into your porch!?It gives a bit of that cozy cottage feel while keeping your windows from looking barren.?It’s a great way to add more curb appeal with pops of color from florals.

11. Revamp Your Walkway

Like anything else, your walkway gets dirty and can use a refreshing! Spring is the perfect time to start this project. Invest in a pressure washer to spray off layers of dirt and grime.?Also, edge the sides for a crisp, clean look.?Spray any unwanted grass growing in between the cracks and add some new walkway lights for a decorative touch.

12. Add A Fresh Coat of Paint

front porch decor ideas for spring

I absolutely love how impactful a fresh coat of paint is! It’s one of the most effective budget-friendly ways to totally change the feel of any space. And when you are looking for front porch decor ideas for Spring, it applies here too!

  • Front door – Try new colors like powder, navy, or blue bird shades of blue. A pop of yellow, a fresh coat of red, or a deep rich espresso stain are all beautiful trending door colors.
  • Porch deck – Not only can you paint your deck or even concrete, but there are cool stencil options as well for all of you crafty, adventurous spirits!
  • Porch roof – Over time the roof can get surprisingly dirty. Freshen it up with a fresh coat of paint!
  • Old Benches – This is an effective way to freshen up and bring new life to any old bench, rocking chair, porch swing, etc.

13. Buy Walkway Lights

Walkway lights are a simple way to elevate your curb appeal and dress up the entryway.?There are so many different kinds to choose from and they vary in price ranges making them more accessible. For simplicity, I go for solar-powered ones.?I will say I love the look of the lantern lights pictured above.

If you are ambitious and have an excellent green thumb, add flowers and a bit of landscaping to buy your walkway lights.

14. Add Curtains

Curtains add a beautiful serene, romantic look to a porch, especially with columns.?Imagine sitting on your front porch in the morning, enjoying your favorite beverage, and watching the curtains gently flow with the wind. It creates such a picturesque start to a Spring day!?

15. Hang A New Address Sign or Welcome Sign

I love address signs! They are cute ways to add a personal as well as necessary detail to your home. There are so many different ones out there that will work well with any style you choose. Add your family name to it for an added personal touch.

16. Buy A Colorful Rug

Rugs can be a great starting point for deciding what color scheme you want to go for. Pick out your favorite rug and play off of its colors for your porch decor! They are a great way to tie in a look, anchor a space, and add a cozy factor.

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17. Replace An Old Porch Light

This isn’t something you’d have to do every Spring, but if your porch light is dated and rusting, update it to something more current and fresh! I love the look of large lantern lights like pictured above.

18. Add Monogram Signs

We’ve all seen garden flags, but a cool new play on those are these monogrammed outdoor signs! There are so many to choose from on Etsy as well that go beyond just monograms. It adds a more toned-down, classy look to yard signage.

19. Replace Old Door Handles

Front door handles are one of the most used items in our homes. Sometimes we don’t realize the wear and tear they have and how much a new one can really pop!

20. Get Creative With Lanterns

If you know me, you know I love utilizing lanterns any time I can! And Spring is no exception. They are so versatile in styles and what you can place in them. Above shows them in plant potters welcoming guests at the front entrance.

You can also place seasonal fruits in them such as lemons and small floral plant pots. Tie ribbons on them for added flair and design like below.

21. Paint Wooden Crates

Crates make you think of fresh fruit and are a great way to add a bit of Spring to your front porch. They have this rustic charm that goes well with florals and adds a cozy element. They are also great for creating interest by elevating your potted plants to different heights for a more dynamic look as pictured above.

If you have young kids or grandkids, this can be a fun project that they can help out with. They love to paint and be a part of something!

There you have it! I hope these front porch decor ideas for spring have inspired your next seasonal decor project! The front porch is a big first impression and a great way to showcase your style and personality from the street while adding curb appeal.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to look great and these ideas are perfect for all different porch sizes and layouts. As always, happy decorating!

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